Italian Agriturismo: Fattoria Pogni


When we were planning our honeymoon, one of our family friends recommended that if we were going to Tuscany, we had to stay in an agriturismo. I know, I had the exact same response, what the heck is an agriturismo? Well, basically it’s a working farm or vineyard, and in Tuscany, they can be found tucked away in the rolling hills, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, gardens and vineyards. We used this helpful website to check out a few and in fact, there are SO many agriturismos in Italy we had the hardest time choosing one. Really, there are so many amazing ones! Dave and I probably sent each other about 20 different ones until we finally decided on this one, Fattoria Pogni. I’m so glad we stayed there, it’s truly a one of kind place. And to be honest, the real reason why we chose it was because Dave saw that they had a soccer field, and after he saw that, he was sold! I can’t get this man away from soccer, can I?


After driving through the countryside we arrived at Fattoria Pogni and were greeted by the owner, Massimo. He was so kind and welcoming and gave us a tour around the beautiful grounds.

_DSC0201sunset_DSC0182 copy_DSC0038 copy

Me taking a celebratory “we just arrived!!!” mirror selfie. And can you spot Dave’s foot? Clearly we had different priorities!

_DSC0193 copyIMG_5267Villa Kitchen

Our little villa kitchen. I was a obsessed with that big stone trough sink. It’s everything, isn’t it?

_DSC0090 copy_DSC0085Strawberry Tart

Breakfast was laid out every morning for us on the patio. Goodness, besides that delicious strawberry tart, they served us granola with mini milk chocolate chips in it. Granola with chocolate chips! Seriously, now and forever my granola world has changed.

_DSC0153 copyFattoria Pogni Pool_DSC0143 copy

Now I know honeymoons are supposed to be about relaxing by the pool or beach, and we did that, but really my husband can’t sit for too long. What was so amazing about Fattoria Pogni was that they had a lot of different sports for us to play. We played tennis, volleyball and badminton, all in one afternoon… it was activity heaven! And did you notice that infinity pool? Who doesn’t love a good infinity pool?

IMG_5278_DSC0204 copy

One night we did a little wine tasting in Fattoria Pogni’s wine cellar. It was so cool to learn and taste all their different wines. We even tasted their newest wine that hasn’t even been named yet! It felt super special to be one of the first few people to have tried it. Dave actually took a bottle of it home, and here it is, in this picture above, unnamed and unlabeled in all it’s delicious glory!

IMG_0832 copy

After our wine tasting we took the walk up into town (Marcialla). It was probably one of my favorite evenings. It was just us wandering around the windy roads and vineyards and down the small streets to find a local pizza stall. The sun was setting on one side of the sky and on the other, there was a full moon.

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