10 Funny (Yet Classy) Prints For Your Bathroom

10 Funny (Yet Classy) Bathroom Prints

The only room in our apartment that has no artwork in it is our bathroom. The walls are bare white and the only splash of color is our shower curtain and our memory foam bath mat (which I love!). I want to add some more spunk to the bathroom and liven it up a bit. Here are 10 funny (yet classy) prints that I found on Etsy, that I currently have my eyes on. Do you have any artwork in your bathroom? If so, what is it? Someone once told me they’d never put photographs of themselves or their family members/friends in the bathroom. I never thought of it, but yeah, I agree, I wouldn’t want my guests to feel like my whole family was watching them do their business. What do you guys think? Are family photos in the bathroom a do or a don’t? I like the idea of witty yet classy prints for the bathroom. I think they’re fun alternative.

{Eyechart by Look Sugar Prints} {Bobby Pin Print by Fox and Scout Designs} {Get Naked by Moomoom} {Remember to Reload by Stick Tree Prints} {Squeeze My Bottom by The Crown Prints} {Put A Lid On It by The Crown Prints} {Please Remain Seated by Orchard Berry} {Femme by Pablo Picasso} {You Never Know What You Have Until It’s Gone by Milso Made} {Put Your Lipstick On by Americanflat}

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