Life Lately: We Moved To Colorado!

life lately we moved to colorado

Oh my goodness! It’s been SO long. I finally have the courage to say, we meet again blog! It’s been on my mind to get back to blogging but every time I sat down to get to it, I’d get distracted, discouraged, unmotivated, and just lazy! Episodes of Parenthood and bubble baths took over my life. So here I am, it’s a new year, so why not try to get back to this neglected blogging relationship of mine. I just hope I can give it the tender love and care it deserves. I don’t want to set the bar too high and have realized I need to be realistic about how often I can post. Last year, I noticed I’d go in phases – some weeks posting more than three times a week and then some months on end I’d post absolutely nothing. I need to create some kind of routine and consistency, any suggestions for me? I gotta start somewhere, right?!

Rocky Mountain 7

Anyways, there’s so much new stuff to share! First of all, if you didn’t already know, Dave and I moved to Colorado!! We are so excited to finally be out here together. Since 2013 it’s been a dream of ours to live in Colorado. Seriously, we’ve always talked about how much we’d love to live in a place where we could enjoy the outdoors more and have some better weather. In fact, the picture below is a picture I took at the end of my senior year of college in 2013. Dave and I sat in my bed and separately wrote a list of places where we’d want to live in the future and then we showed each other our top choices. As you can see, Colorado was on both of our lists! If you remember, we also took a mini trip to Colorado in 2015 and that only gave us more of an itch to be out here. To be honest, it feels really cool to accomplish something together that we both set our minds to years ago.

life lately: we moved to coloradoRocky Mountain 10

So here’s a quick snapshot of how the move went down. Unexpectedly, the right opportunity came up for me. We both decided it would be a big change but it was something we had our hearts set on. I was most hesitant about moving farther away from our families but we figured, it was now or never. We’re young, we have no kids, we have no house, if we are every going to try something new, now was the time. I packed up my car, filled it with clothes and my bike and then I drove out west to Colorado with my dad. Dave and Samson stayed behind in Michigan, for Dave to finish off his coaching season. We were apart for three months which wasn’t the most fun, however being apart for those months was actually a good thing. In a way, it gave me time to focus on my new job, find some new friends, be independent (hello, living by myself for the first time!) and get settled in to our new place. It also gave Dave time focus on his coaching career without me bopping around. The best feeling was when we both landed in Denver on January 2nd, starting off the new year together in our new home. A fresh start! I can say we’re definitely happy to be back together again. I now feel so appreciative that I get to live under the same roof as my love. It’s a pretty fun thing.

life lately we moved to coloradolife lately we moved to colorado

We packed all of our stuff up in this here pod. Well actually, Dave and his brother did all the packing. I was already in Colorado and was off the hook on the packing! ;) Anyways, they did an awesome job loading it up and sending it off. It was pretty amazing how much stuff we had accumulated in the two years we lived in our old apartment. We had a two bedroom place back in Michigan and in Colorado we have a studio alcove, so we had to get rid of a lot of stuff. Which wasn’t super easy, especially because we’re both nostalgic people, but I kept thinking in the back of my head, “Be a minimalist!”

Rocky Mountain 6life lately we moved to coloradolife lately we moved to colorado

So far I think everyone’s adjusting quite well. The transition has been pretty easy for me. Honestly, I was so ready for a change and wanted to move out of Michigan before the bitter winter weather. I came to Colorado with big wide open arms! Samson is loving the hiking and all the outdoor stuff we’ve been able to do in January and Dave is enjoying coaching outside right under the foothills. There sure are some amazing views all around and I feel so grateful being able to see the beautiful mountains day in and day out.

Rocky Mountain 8life lately we moved to colorado

We haven’t planned too much this month because the main focus has been to get settled in, organize our apartment, learn where the best take out restaurants are and explore local hiking areas. It’s been great not to have too much on our plates. Moving is quite the ordeal and we needed a few weeks to recover after all the back and forth with the move.

I can’t wait to share more about our new lives here and just get back to creating and sharing in this little internet space in general! I hope you guys continue to follow along!

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