5 Things Currently Making Me Happy

5 things currently making me happy

1.) Ed Sheeran’s New Album Divide

I’ve been playing it on repeat and seriously can’t get enough of this man. I’ve always been an Ed Sheeran fan but am especially loving his new album. I was so excited when he released his two teaser songs (Shape of You and Castle on the Hill) and am even more in love with some of the other songs on the album. Some of the songs have an international feel to them, it’s kind of unexpected and fun! His voice is so magical and the lyrics are so catchy and relatable. I just love it!

2.) Supersoft Low-Back Slip

I’ve been wearing this supersoft low-back slip to bed and it truly is super soft. I have it in cadet green with matching cheekies. I actually look forward to getting home so that I can slip into it. I love that it’s cute and sexy but also very practical and comfy. Sometimes I find lingerie or nightwear to be too itchy or uncomfortable but not this one, I assure you.

3.) Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Pints

The other day Dave and I took a late night trip to the grocery store to get a tub of ice cream (weak moment, I know). As we were purchasing our ice cream, the store manager looks over to us and says, “Have you tried Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream yet? It’s amazing and tastes like the real thing!” He then walks to the ice cream aisle, grabs us a pint and tell us it’s on him. What a sweet man! So yes, we’ve now tried Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream and let’s just say, we’re fans! They have all the amazing flavors we love, plus some other cool flavors you have to check out. It for sure is a delicious experience.

4.) This Beautiful Quote by L.R. Knost

My good friend shared this quote with me a while back and yesterday, my boss sent it out to our team in an e-mail. It’s a beautiful quote and just sums up life stuff. It’s a great reminder going into the week.

5.) Sinnlig Candle from Ikea

I order these candles in bulk because I go through them so fast. A bunch just came in the mail and I’m so excited to light them up because they smell so good. It’s a classic vanilla scent but what I love most about them is is that they’re not overbearing. A lot of the times I’ll have to blow candles out because the scent is too strong and almost nauseating. I know I can leave these candles burning all night long and I won’t get a headache from the smell.

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