Cable Knit Sweater

cable knit sweater

It’s crazy to me that we really haven’t had many snowy days over here. Sure, in the mountains there’s been a fair amount of snow but not much where we live. (Hey! Not complaining!)  Dave and I took these photos a while back when we went to the mountains for a short drive. To be honest, I wasn’t planning on shooting this outfit but the scenery was exceptionally gorgeous, I had to take advantage! Anyways, I haven’t worn this sweater that much this winter. It’s really thick and warm and it hasn’t really been cold enough to feel the need to wear it. However, my family is coming into town this week and we’ve planned a trip to the mountains. I’m excited to not only see more snow but to also be able to wear some of my thicker sweaters (like this one!) again.

Cable Knit Sweatercable knit sweatercable knit sweatercable knit sweater

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