Family Trip To Breckenridge

family trip to colorado

I took a few weeks off from posting when my family was in town. I really wanted to be present and enjoy my time with them, so I barely touched my computer. It was really nice having them around our new digs in Colorado, we had such a blast exploring this beautiful state together! After they left, Dave and I were saying how awesome it was having them around and how we wished we all lived closer. We’re slowly trying to convince them to move to Colorado! ;) Anyways, I thought I’d share some of the highlights from our time with them.

breckenridge with my family

The first few days they were in Colorado we showed them our quaint little town. We took them to our favorite BBQ restaurant, our favorite pizza joint, our most beloved ice cream shop, and of course, a delicious bakery. Yep, you can definitely say that when my family gets together, we eat. a. lot. But hey, we also worked it off by doing lots of hiking! In fact, we took them on one of the first hiking trails Dave and I did in Boulder a few years back. This was the hiking trail that helped solidify our desire to move to Colorado, so it was an important one to show them.

My family visits colorado!breckenridge with my family

After a few days in our neighborhood, hiking and exploring, we then drove west into the mountains. We rented a place in Breckenridge to take full advantage of all the snow sports Colorado has to offer. The condo we stayed at had the most amazing view. You could see the entire ski resort and all the slopes from our balcony. It was especially beautiful watching the sunset behind the mountains every evening.

breckenridge with my familybreckenridge with my familybreckenridge with the familybreckenridge with my familybreckenridge with the family

In between the downhill skiing and boarding, we decided to take a stab at cross country skiing. We headed to the Nordic Center in Breckenridge to rent some skis and hit the trails. My parents were the only ones that had done cross country before and they definitely put us all to shame in the beginning. My petite mom was just powering on past us! And man, those cross country skis are a work out. We were all shedding off our layers five minutes into the journey.

breckenridge with my familybreckenridge with my familybreckenridge with my familybreckenridge with the family

I have to say, I loved watching Dave take on the cross country skis. He had me cracking up when he lead the way trying to cross a river and then ended up in the river! Love that this guy can make me laugh like no one else. :) After we were all skied out, we made our way back to the Nordic Center for happy hour and some live music.

breckenridge with my familycolorado

I love that slowly we’re getting more visitors to come see us. It’s fun having my people in town and hope they come back for more mountain fun this summer!

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