A Bright, Airy Apartment In The Financial District

New York City apartment

My brother and Hazal have the cutest apartment in the financial district of New York City. Their apartment is bright, airy, and incorporates beautiful souvenirs and photos from their travels, as well as some traditional Turkish items from Hazal’s home country. Their apartment is also filled with things like flowers, musical instruments, and tea cups which reflect their passions and little joys of life. They had us over for breakfast and not only was I obsessed with their apartment decor, but also the breakfast they served up! Wanted to share a little peek into their home with you…

New York City apartmentNew York City apartmentNew York City apartment

What’s your favorite item/most prized position in your apartment?

It’s definitely my pistachio green reading chair!! When we were first viewing apartments, I fell in love with the big windows of our current place and immediately pictured a little corner for us right by the window that is cozy and colorful. With the morning sun shining through, the colors of that corner come alive. When you have wooden floors and a big beige couch, that pop of color is the perfect addition to our place. Funny thing is that it was also the hardest item for us to get! We had to go to IKEA multiple times until they restocked it and I wasn’t going to give up on it easily.

New York City apartment New York City apartment New York City apartment

What inspired your apartment decor?

A cafe in Edinburgh called Tree House. When I studied abroad in Edinburgh, I frequently visited this lovely little cafe that had the most delicious soups and fresh bread that I have ever had! What made the place very special though was its decor. The space was filled with beautiful mementos that the owner collected from all over the world. İt was so colorful and a bit chaotic. It felt like the happiest place because I got to see the world through her memories. I think I like things a bit tidier, but I really tried to design our place with art and little knickknacks that I collected over time through my travels. Now as Chris and I explore different places together, we always make a point to bring back a little piece with us.

New York City apartmentNew York City apartment New York City apartment

What’s the one thing you love most about your apartment?

Our kitchen island. Honestly that is what sold us on the apartment. As someone who loves cooking, I feel so happy doing my own thing in the kitchen as Chris plays his guitar in the living room and gives me a mini concert.

New York City apartment New York City apartment

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