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Bell Sleeve_Everygoodthingblog

I jumped on the bell sleeve bandwagon late. At first I wasn’t into them when I saw them popping up everywhere. I don’t know, I just thought they looked a little over the top, heavy and baggy. I thought they’d be this hot second fad and overwhelming on my 5’3″ frame. Well you guys, here I am. I’m totally riding out the bell sleeve trend and secretly love it. They make you feel a little extra special and add a little flare and sass to an outfit.

Dave and I shot these pictures after soccer practice (lol, like most of our photos!) I still can’t believe these soccer fields act a a backdrop for my blog photos, but I don’t hate it!

Bell Sleeve_EverygoodthingblogBell Sleeves-EverygoodthingblogBell Sleeves-EverygoodthingblogBell Sleeves-EverygoodthingblogBell Sleeve_Everygoodthingblog

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